21 February 2012

El Presidente or "What is a Week End??"

Bonjou zanmi mwen yo!

I hope all of you had a pleasant long weekend. My President's Day weekend was surprisingly fun (albeit expensive)! It's been 280 years and George Washington is still having kick-ass birthday parties. Here are some of the highlights from the past four days (there are a LOT of new pseudonyms in this post):

-An hour-long coffee date with Sarah O'Neal. We talked about a lot of things, including life after college. It's weird to think about who you will still be in touch with five, ten years down the line. We speculated that the people you are closest to at the end of senior spring are the ones that you will stay lifelong friends with. That makes sense, but it's sad to think that a friendship developed over the course of college can deteriorate due to unaligned schedules during your last semester (thesis writers, JUST FINISH ALREADY AND HANG OUT WITH ME). I'm also going to be up front: I'm notoriously bad at keeping in touch, responding to text messages, etc. I'm going to do my best to change after graduating, I promise!

-Going to a film noir themed bar with Laura Dakota and Dale Alvarez. Pretty cool! I ordered a stiff whiskey drink so I could feel like Jack Nicholson from Chinatown, but I have a feeling this is going to be an acquired taste. Paul Robinson told me that this bar shows Mad Men episodes when they air and that the room is completely silent as everyone watches. Nice.

-Shisha (or hookah, for all you n00bs) with Verda Senturk, Laura Dakota, and Melanie Wright. As a future physician, I feel incredibly guilty every time I smoke tobacco, but shisha is really a fun and social experience (as long as you do it sparingly guys--don't get lung cancer). It was so nice to see Verda, I hardly see her now that she's graduated and become a REAL PERSON. She's definitely the future Prime Minister of Turkey: if it happens, you heard it here first.

-My cousin, Ashley Doherty, coming in from BC to attend a party at Harvard with three of her friends. Flanked by my "Army of Skanks," I had a great dinner at John Harvard's and then a fun night out. Kim Sullivan was a bit nasty towards Cole Parker (sorry Cole!) and I think Ashley slapped Aaron Okafor (sorry Aaron!) but I did have fun dougie-ing in the middle of a dance circle.

-An incredibly satisfying and SPICY hotpot meal in Boston with Priscilla Zheng and Jenny Gallagher. If you've never had this type of food, you should. Just like shisha, it's very social! You cook the food yourself at the table and you trade your neighbor udon noodles for mung bean ones.

-Learning that Dick Pulaski REALLY likes mozzarella sticks. :)

-Seeing The Matrix for the first time. Awesome, awesome movie.

-Building a fort in my common room with Diana Young. I felt like a little kid and it was awesome. We had a TV, a fan that mimicked outdoor breezes, and a really soft "touching wall." We watched Dodgeball inside. No one makes me bleed my own blood. See the picture!

-Going out to eat one more time with Diana and Paula Nelson. We needed some sustenance after spending a day camping in the jungle with DINOSAURS (at least that's what Troy Smith said the fort reminded him of). It was a new restaurant in the Square called First Printer and had really, really good food. They were out of crocodile and "mud bugs" (yes, these things are on the menu) but I had great risotto and will be going back again.

So that was my President's Day weekend! How was yours?? Comment please!

"I walk on untrodden ground." -George Washington


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