28 February 2010

Funny You Should Mask or Why I Want to Live in 1652

I will be attending the Sapphire Ball with Chelsea Remington this evening.

Read that sentence again. How Victorian novel-esque does it sound? Very, I think. But no matter how many date events that we have at this school, or what pseudonyms we choose for the attendees, to me there's always something empty in the actual event. As much as I enjoy grinding to Akon and his peers, I can't help but feel that we are making a mockery of what a "ball" truly should be.

I know that with this post I run the risk of sounding like a 28 year old librarian who reads romance novels (which I don't, but I know Alvin does). However, does no one else agree that the bulk of romance has been lost in today's society? What happened to masquerades where people kept their masks on and where they could only guess who they were dancing with? What happened to pebbles on a girl's window at 3 in the morning? Sure, a romantic dinner for two is nice. But EVERYONE does it, and if that's the case, every relationship is boring and identical.

I want to meet a girl outside of the solo-cup-littered club basements and dorm rooms, where everyone is sweating and the music is so loud that you can barely hear the kid booting next to you.

It doesn't have to be that difficult.
A quick catch of the eye across a dance floor. When you leave, you find yourself standing next to each other outside of the ballroom, both of you are separated from your friends. You decide to share a cab back, and on the silent ride, your hands touch each other. You part ways, but neither of you can stop thinking of the other so you meet up, and it's late. You go for a walk, breaking into a private garden, where there's a fountain. Kissing begins midsentence.

Etc. (no, I will not continue, Buck Turner).

It's sad that life isn't like this anymore. I wonder why divorce rates are so high.

Just once, I would like to wear a hat like this and win someone over by getting in a swordfight, NOT by doing a kegstand. I know you agree with me Dale Alvarez, you were such a sucker for Casablanca.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a good party as much as the next, and Chelsea, I am extremely excited to be going with you this evening. But just for one day, let's party like it's 1799.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,


P.S. I want to apologize for being so lax in updating this blog. Laura Dakota has pointed out to me that I am only diligent about updating this when I actually have school work to do. Having been sufficiently scolded, I promise I will try to make this MORE than a procrastination outlet.


  1. I wonder what gave you the idea for the hat.. hmmmmm

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