24 February 2010

Old Men Are Beginning to Snore or Why You Should Jump in Puddles

Days like today are inherently depressing. Even if you don't sleep through two classes and have a terrible midterm experience (=[), the combination of freezing rain, dark skies, and wet sidewalks is thoroughly discouraging. Your feet get uncomfortably damp for the entirety of the day, and every walk is a torture experience (WATERboarding anyone?). It's enough to drive you to sit in your room and listen to Simple Plan.

We've made it through one day of this readers. But how many more can we handle before we start losing our minds? Considering that the forecast is for this to go on indefinitely, I would like to use this post to show you the positive side of what Mother Nature is providing us with.

Inclement weather is automatically more exciting than "good" weather. No one wants to hear about a sunny day in Aruba. "People went to the beach today!" BIG DEAL. Rather, we want to hear about a monsoon that recently hit a large portion of South Asia. If you just had a leisurely stroll through a sunny park, that's nice, but I don't need a play-by-play. On the other hand, when Ally Hughes and I ran in sleeting rain through Boston, dodging cars and the homeless, in order to get a pair of decorative bowls from Crate and Barrel, THAT made for a story.

Don't use an umbrella. Umbrellas are for the weak. There is a reason that people who live in Boston go through 24 umbrellas a year. Mother Nature obviously does not want us to use them. You're going to get wet anyway, so embrace it! In the words of the wise Natasha Bedingfield, "Feel the rain on your skin." She's still got a pocketful of sunshine!

References to mediocre pop artists aside, if you walk into a classroom full of umbrella-toters and you're soaking wet, YOU are the center of attention. And your teaching fellow will take pity on you and give you an A. That's the truth.

By the time this extended bout of rain is over, spring will be almost here. And we'll be that much more excited for it. If the next few weeks were full of normal weather, the transition to spring would be unclear and unexciting. But now! Now, on that first beautiful day, I am going to spend the entire day outside and pretend I have nothing to do with my life (like I'm from LA).

Readers, don't mourn the sun in these next few weeks. Save yourself the skin cancer and get wrinkly hands instead!

Don't, like, jump in the river though. That would be taking it too far.

A hedge between keeps friendship green!


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