22 February 2010

In the Beginning or How You Got to Know the Greatest Person You Ever Met

Hi everyone, welcome to my newly created blog! Follow my musings if you find me interesting. Here’s a brief introduction, if you are unsure whether or not you do:

My name is Eddie, I get Eddy a lot of the time, but I really don’t enjoy it.

My hair is the subject of a lot of conversation.

When I introduce two people, I subconsciously say “Nice to meet you” under my breath. It’s embarrassing.

I really don’t like guillotines, everyone knows that.

My favorite food is mashed potatoes.

I’m going to be a doctor.

I’m very expressive.

I put A LOT of words in all caps to emphasize my point.

Speaking of capital letters, one of my favorite things an author can do is to capitalize words that are not supposed to be capitalized (e.g. “I have come to a Decision”).

I think Hemingway and Tolkien are geniuses.

Napping on vacation is probably my favorite thing to do.

If I have a lecture or an exam in the Science Center of my school, I always sit on the right side of the room (my right side, not the teacher’s).

I dislike most people before I like them.

Squirrels are my favorite animal. I recently learned that they cannot get rabies, contrary to popular belief. They also accidentally plant millions of trees every year.

Everything about cicadas is gross.

I hope SOMETHING happens on December 21, 2012.

Esther is my favorite person (I'll leave this in).

I’m obsessed with Russia.

I like people-watching.

I want to hunt poachers in Africa when I retire.

Multiple people have told me they want to take my eyes out with a spoon.

Most of the quirks I have, I’ve picked up from other people.

Ask me to read a story out loud to you, and you will immediately be one of my favorite people.

Consider yourself introduced! I will do my best to fill this space with entertaining observations and witty reflections, melodramatic stories and uplifting anecdotes, poignant poetry and groundbreaking prose.

Actually, I probably won’t do all of those things. But I’m not boring, I promise.

I’m working on a sign-off line,




    PS hunting poachers is still questionable.

  2. nice i cant wait to read more

    good luck

  3. Would you be open to changing your plans to witty poetry and poignant reflections instead? Very few people geet down to doing that.